Yuba Spicy Curry - Green

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The 2020 Yuba Spicy Curry is here! Resplendant in Army green, this latest model now has the capacity to fit two Bosch batteries for an even greater single range. All of the previous generation's suite of accessories will fit this model including: Bamboo Deck and Running Boards, Monkey Bars, Panniers, Soft Spot seats, Stand Together kickstand, and front Bread Basket rack. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor has also been retained for maximum load moving torque. 

The strong rear platform keeps any carried weight low for improved stability, and the top of the frame has been designed specifically to fit Thule Yepp Maxxi child seats. This is the perfect bike for the young family looking to replace a second car with an eco-friendly option that can still be used for the school run and grocery shopping. The seatpost can be adjusted to suit both short and tall riders.

Come and test ride today! 

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